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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should you book your Cardiff wedding videographer, and if you had to cancel what's the wedding film process?

Can you help pick the music for your Cardiff wedding video?

Can you review the Cardiff wedding video before it’s finalised?

Will the drone be used in every Cardiff Wedding Video?

I take bookings up to 18 months in advance, so you can guarantee your wedding film on your special day with a low deposit of 30%.  If for some reason you have to cancel my services the deposit is non refundable, apart from extreme circumstances, eg, covid lockdown or a death in the family.  If it is within 30 days of the wedding the deposit can only be transferred to another date if available due to the fact I now most likely will not be able to rebook that date.  If for any reason I need to cancel you will receive a full refund of what is paid.

Yes you can select a song, however, I recommend letting us choose due to copyright issues plus we have a vast selection of copyright free music without vocals as music with vocals will affect the film due to the vows, speeches being used as voice overs during parts of the video.

No, the reason for this is the RAW footage is filmed in a special colour profile and the footage does not look to the standard we would like to share without touch ups and colour grading; the film will be completely finished first and within 30 days the wedding film will be sent to you via a special download link, or if on request a USB. We do not offer DVDs, as who uses DVDs these days!  If for any reason you would like parts of the video changed we can offer 1 free re-edit and additional re-edits are £75 per editing hour; generally couples are happy with the original edit but on the odd occasion the free edit corrects any small changes they request.

What if I have to cancel my Cardiff wedding Videographer?

So far I have never cancelled any wedding as I understand how important this day is for you both, and how difficult it can be to find another high quality filmmaker like us; however, if we did you will be entitled to a full refund of monies paid thus far.

As long as the weather isn't raining or extremely windy.  As long as the area we are filming is not in a no fly zone.  As long as the venue accept drones being flown as some venues do not allow the use of drones.  We will not fly over big crowds of people or next to buildings due to drone regulations, plus even with all the experience we have they are still electronic and we wouldn't want someone to get hurt by a drone falling out of the sky, safety always comes first. Even without the drone your video will still be amazing.  Our goal is to be as discreet as possible and the majority of the time couples and guests do not even know we have used the drone.

Is there anything else you need to know about your Wedding Video in Cardiff and South Wales?

In the venue or church there may be restrictions as to where I can place my cameras or sound equipment.  I will always discuss the best possible solution with the person in-charge.  If for any reason the venue or church do not accept multiple camera set ups or that I walk around recording (again very rare), this is out of our hands but your film will still be of high standard and not for you to worry about.  If there are any extra charges by the venue or church for filming this cost has to be covered by the wedding couple.

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